O quadrinista e diretor Kevin Smith é assumidamente um grande fã de Vingadores: Ultimato, e revelou agora seus momentos favoritos no longa.

Através de seu Instagram, Kevin afirmou que já assistiu ao filme 14 vezes, e disse que suas cenas preferidas no longa são os encontros de Tony Stark com seu pai, e de Thor com sua mãe.

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After 14 home viewings of @avengers, I feel my favorite moment is tied between the Tony and Howard scene (or Howard and Howard) and the Thor and Frigga scene (or the Mom of Thunder). In a spectacular adventure filled with impossible delights, the biggest moment of pure fantasy to me is the idea of going back in time and getting closure with a dead loved one. Maybe some folks out there have dreamed of doing The Snap, but *everyone* has dreamed of seeing someone they lost just one more time. In a story where people shrink, a raccoon and a tree talk, and an invader from space can vanish half the universe, these quiet scenes with Mom and Dad may be the most fantastical. @marvelstudios tells stories about super humans performing fantastic feats of derring-do. And while the super sells the ticket, it’s the human I want to see the most when I settle into my seat. I can’t relate to taking a single punch from Thanos – but I *can* relate to wanting to talk to my Dad one last time, and I *can* relate to my Mom being a lifelong island of comfort in a sea of insanity. I love these @marvel movies so much, I watch them over and over again. And even though “no amount of money ever bought a second of time,” I feel my time has been well-spent doing so. You can’t always be the storyteller; sometimes you gotta sit in the audience. #Marvel makes it easy for me to switch gears from filmmaker to fan. #KevinSmith

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O grave curso de eventos gerados quando Thanos eliminou metade do universo e fraturou as fileiras dos Vingadores leva os heróis restantes a tentarem um último movimento na grande conclusão da Marvel Studios de vinte e dois filmes.

Vingadores: Ultimato arrecadou US$ 2,79 bilhões ao redor do mundo, se tornando o filme de maior bilheteria da história do cinema.